About the Author & the Free Course:

📸 Who I Am: I’m Miikka, a seasoned photographer and filmmaker from Finland.
🛤️ My Journey: I delved into photography through trial and error, grappling with mistakes and piecing together the photographic puzzle.
🎓 Why This Course?: I’ve walked the challenging path of self-learning, starting from scratch and often felt overwhelmed. My aim is to save you from those hurdles.
📚 What You’ll Learn:
  • Aperture: Understand depth of field and how much light enters the camera.
  • Shutter Speed: Capture motion just right, be it freezing a moment or showing flow.
  • ISO: Grasp how sensor sensitivity impacts your shots.
  • Interplay: Learn how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO dance together for a perfect exposure.
  • Checking Exposure: Get hands-on with tools and techniques to ensure your shots are perfectly lit.
My guarantee for you is that after this course you will level up your photography skills without the steep learning curve. So sign up, and let’s start to create some magic together.

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    Diving Deep into Visual Creation: My Story

    For seven years, I’ve been an entrepreneur, focusing on web design and marketing. But alongside that, I found a growing love for photography and videography. This personal interest in taking photos and making videos quickly became a big part of my work.
    I truly enjoy creating — from taking detailed portraits and capturing special moments to editing videos. When I’m working on these projects, I often lose track of time because I’m so involved.
    When I was younger, I was labeled a ”numbers guy.” But when I started my own business, I realized I’m more of a visual person than anything else, who loves to tell stories through images and video. Let’s carry this journey together – so see you on the other side!
    Miikka Linna